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Founded in 1992

What We Are?

In honour of being the proud recipients of the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund (SEYMF) awards, a cohort of stupendous budding scholars (Youders) constituted Sir Edward Youde Scholars Association (SEYSA) in 1992.

Dedicated for the beneficiaries of the SEYMF, SEYSA positions itself as an exclusive network in which fellow members from diversified backgrounds and specialisations connect to express and discuss their views for the improvement of society. It enables members to put their talents and ideas into real actions for bringing valuable impact and positive influence in our community, both individually and collectively.

In the past two and a half decades, thanks to Youders’ success and participation in the top positions of different fields and professions, SEYSA has blossomed into a renowned organisation exerting immense influence, as well as responsibilities, to our society.

Our Mission

SEYSA founds itself on the three ā€œSā€ principles, and designs its year-to-year running accordingly. They are:


Being a fraternity of Youders, SEYSA is a platform for effective communication between members across generations. We hold a plenary annual dinner every year, and protean gatherings like spring feast, study tours, excursions to grant members access to the extraordinary network while enjoying the congeniality we created for fellow Youders.


To maintain the Youder community as a constellation of intellectually able people, and to promote intellectual curiosity in the general society, SEYSA regularly host assorted forums, seminars, talks and reading groups on the most widest range of issues in response to the changing social concerns.s

Social awareness

Youders are committed to contribute for the betterment of the community by serving society through our service programme and by collaborating with other organisations, and public-spirited activists of different backgrounds.

We are closer than we know