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Patron, Advisors, Executive Board and Committees
“I am confident that they deserve strong support and that they will make a real contribution to the success of Hong Kong in the future.” Lady Pamela Youde Honorary Patron
“Hong Kong’s brighter future tomorrow much depends on the calibre and quality of today’s younger generation.” Sanford YUNG Late Patron

Honorary Patron

Lady Pamela Youde



Honorary Advisors


The Executive Board

Dr. Raymond Ching Man CHAN

Dr. Raymond Ching Man CHAN


Michael Wai Keung CHAN

Michael Wai Keung CHAN

Chairman Emeritus, Immediate Past Chairman

Tiffany Sin Yu FUNG

Tiffany Sin Yu FUNG


Helen Hiu Tung MAC

Helen Hiu Tung MAC


Hayden Pui Ying LI

Hayden Pui Ying LI

Operations Officer, Head of IT Committee

Dr. Gigi Chi Ting AU YEUNG

Dr. Gigi Chi Ting AU YEUNG

Development Officer

Koala Choi Fung YIP

Koala Choi Fung YIP

Communications Officer

Aileen Ka Yan CHENG

Aileen Ka Yan CHENG

Member of Board, Head of Design and Creative Team

Benny Ka Ping NG

Benny Ka Ping NG

Member of Board, Head of Social Service Team

Clement Kai Ting WONG

Clement Kai Ting WONG

Member of Board

Dr. Norman Wai Chung SIU

Dr. Norman Wai Chung SIU

Member of Board, Head of Disable Student Group

Executive Assistant

Anson Hiu Ching WONG

Legal Advisor

Dr. Christopher K Y WONG

Honorary Auditor

Kingston C.P.A. Limited

Functional Committees

Operations Committee (OC)

a standing committee dedicated to programme execution. In short, the OC is responsible for programme design and logistics allocation for various events of SEYSA. OC also manages the human resources for SEYSA.

Design & Creative Team (DCT)

works closely with the Communication Committee to plan, analyze, and create visual solutions to find the most effective way to get messages across. We provide creative approaches to print and electronic media using color, type, illustration, photography, animation, and various print and layout techniques.

Information Technology Committee (ITC)

a special task force responsible for bringing technological advancement to SEYSA and all members. We work closely with all other committees to overcome different technological challenges, such as web development projects, art work designs, e-business operations etc.

Communications Committee (CC)

responsible for optimizing SEYSA’s communication with external stakeholders to facilitate effective and timely information flow. Members of the Committee will be extensively involved in the preparation of all correspondence and publications.

Development Committee (DC)

responsible for strategic planning by identifying, initiating and evaluating innovative projects and networks for SEYSA. Projects like committee member recruitment, fund-raising, expert database, auto-mentorship programme, members’ directory, SEYSA-based think-tank, etc are on their agenda.

Accounting Committee (AC)

responsible for keeping book of account and preparing financial statements for annual auditing. AC is currently led by the Treasurer of SEYSA E-Board. During the annual auditing, the members will have a chance to process the auditing matters with certified public accountants.

Social Service Team (SST)

a platform for enthusiastic scholars to share their mission, ideas and network in social services and commit together in running or joining in social service programmes. Responsible for Organize SEYSA social service projects programmes, coordinate social services co-organised or participated by SEYSA.

Disabled Student Group (DSG)

To have a voice in our society so to express the necessities and difficulties of disabled students in the present education system – to help others as well as to help ourselves. We thus aim to encourage more disabled students to further their education and to assist them to have a better life.

Chairman’s Word

Dear Youders and friends,

It is indeed my privilege and pleasure, as the Chairman of the Association, to present you our vision for the year. Famed as a politically neutral body formed by scholars, it is our common belief that we have noblesse oblique to promote scholarly discussions as well as to help out the underprivileged. The Association has been a very successful platform supported by its three equally important pillars, the 3 ‘S’ principles, namely Scholarship, Social Awareness and Solidarity.

The betterment of any society counts on the concerted efforts of every member, not efforts of one person at any moment.Despite the fact that many Youders have already become contributing members of our community and some, prominent leaders in their sectors, it is no doubt that the best way to make a positive impact on the society is still through agglomerating the power of all Youders, both old and new. Therefore, building up a strong solidarity among Youders shall always be the very key mission of the Association.

Due to the hard work done by our predecessors few years ago, the Association has made various constitutional changes extending the membership eligibility to cover all Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund (SEYMF) beneficiaries, enabling us to take in talents who received the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes as our associate members. With the 25th anniversary of the SEYMF, the number of Youders eligible to join the Association have reached a critical mass of 20,000. We are deeply aware of the need for effective communication among all Youders.

The Association will reach its silver jubilee in year 2017. Apart from holding different anniversary events on top of our regular activities, which aim at providing our budding young fellows wider social exposure and enhancing their leadership skills as usual, we are going to establish more special interest groups for our members with versatile backgrounds and bring more information technology advancements to the Association, facilitating more effective communications within the Youder community.

On behalf of the Association and my fellow Executive Board members, may I take this chance to wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous year of the Goat ahead.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Raymond CHAN
Chairman of the Executive Board
Youder since 2006

Dr. Raymond CHAN

Dr. Raymond CHAN

Chairman of Executive Board

  • Chairman since 2012
  • PhD in Artificial Intelligence
  • CEO of Hong Kong Greater China Consultants Limited

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