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Communication Committee (CC)

Acting as the communication bridge between the Association, our members and external parties so as to strengthen our network and presence in various occasions, members of the Committee extensively involved in the preparation of all correspondence and publications including but not limited to welcome kit to new members, press release, annual report, and newsletter.

Design & Creative Team (DCT)

provides creative approaches to print and electronic media using color, type, illustration, photography, animation, and various print and layout techniques.

Editorial Board

Chief Editor Yvette Y T LEUNG
Art Director Aileen K Y CHENG
Reporter Maggie C L TONG

SEYSA Connect

“SEYSA Connect” is the electronic newsletter of the Association. In each issue of SEYSA CONNECT, we feature various projects are featured, as well as two interviews with Youders or other people inside SEYSA who have a story to share. If you wish to nominate an interviewee for the coming issues of SEYSA CONNECT, you are welcome to contact our project team at connect@seysa.org by email.

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Annual Reports

The Annual Report give a summary of the all projects and activities of the Association for a particular period. They were presented by the Chairman during Annual General Meeting.

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