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The Youth Programme is an annual highlight of the Sir Edward Youde Scholars Association (SEYSA), providing our youth with an exclusive learning and development opportunity. Every year, a series of activities is customised for a specic theme such as “tailor-make your life”, “leaving your comfort zone”,  "sustainability" and “political civility”.


Specially designed for youngsters, the Youth Programme goes in line with the belief of multiplication effect. Multiplication effect refers to the yielding of a larger final output from a smaller initial input. This goal is achieved by multiplying the effect of the initial input each step from the starting to the final state, with the more states involved in between, the larger the result gained. We hope to use the power of multiplication effect in education to inspire and nurture our participants as future social leaders who will further the seeds of hope to a greater pool.


As the old adage goes, young people are the future pillars of the society. To consolidate and raise this foundation to its fullest, the Youth Programme has been grooming high school students in areas like leadership, personal growth and social awareness. The programme covers all students up to tertiary level with the aim to instill nurturance into more young souls.


This is the 8th Youth Programme since its inception in 2009. This year, the programme runs for 18 months staring early in 2017.

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Professor Peter Mathieson

President and Vice-Chancellor The University of Hong Kong


Hong Kong Spinal Cord Injury Fund

Hong Kong International Institute of Educational Leadership


In previous years, more and more media attentions have been drawn, featuring our Youth Programme forum and the Youth Difference Makers Award projects.



Oriental Daily News The Standard (HongKong)


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The adventure-based training camp is a three-day overnight training in 2017. The camps involve night hiking, wild cooking, high events and group games, which requiring cooperation, communication and perseverance. The camp serves to provide a platform to challenge our young participants physically, mentally and socially.


One dimension to groom socially responsible young leaders is to raise their social awareness. SEYSA has been organising forums and debates as part of Youth Programme, with topics including but not limited to “Political Civility: Current Political Climate in Hong Kong” and “Whether the Hong Kong Government should reboot the Home Ownership Scheme”. Distinguished guests such as Legislative Councilors and university professors were invited to dialogue with youngsters, encouraging critical, open-minded and exchange of ideas.


William Arthur Wards say, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires”. To Youth Programme participants, social leaders from all walks of life such as business, law and civil service acting as mentors are their great teachers. Through mentors’ sharing of personal stories, many participants reflected on values as regards work-life balance, meaning of success and attitude in facing uncertainties. The bonding built can potentially last beyond the programme.


Walking the talk, Youth Programme participants were given opportunities to design social service projects from scratch, putting the learnt spirit of social awareness into action. Participants could garner the sense of achievement and experience, especially in handling contingency matters like sudden manpower or material shortages. Such first-hand contact with the needy helped them reflect on how blessed they were.

“I think this event is really meaningful that I get to experienced what is like to be on a wheelchair, to experience their difficulties and to think on their perspectives.”

Chui Hay Yan

“Not only did we learn to first-hand experience the challenges minorities in Hong Kong go through, we were also taught to come up with the root cause of a problem and associating it to people, therefore understanding why it was so prevalent.”

Anushka Purohit

“This adventure-based camp helped to push my limits to a new height, with the variety of activities aid me to explore my strengths and weaknesses.”

Justin Wong